Wall Mounted Spice Racks

I wrote about using a in cabinet spice organizer the other day as one way to organize and store spices.

This blog Article is rather timely I think. The title of the Article is “Attic Clutter to Useful Spice-Rack“. The article is about a ladies problem in how to store her spices. This lady faced the same problem that a lot of people do.

Her Pantry was poorly designed, and she had limited cabinet, or counter space for spice storage. Then she remembered that there was an old wooden spice rack stored in the attic. She dug it out. Her husband did some work on it, and her storage problem was solved.

Wall mounted spice racks are a great way to store spices. They utilize unused space on your kitchen wall, and free up cabinet, counter, or drawer space for other items.

4 shelf wooden spice rack Everyone does not have an old wall mounted wood spice rack stored in the attic. Condells has the solution to your spice storage problem. We offer 3 basic models of wood wall mounted spice racks. Each one is designed for certain size spice containers.

You can select a spice rack made from Birch, Maple, or Red Oak. The Birch and Maple racks are normally finished without stain. They have a clear lacquer finish. With the Red Oak racks you can select from 12 different stain colors with a clear lacquer finish.

If you want to paint, or stain your own spice rack you can order them unfinished.

Additionally each model of spice rack is available in widths of 13″ to 24″. You can select from 2 to 5 shelves for any of Condells wall spice racks.

If you have a variety of container sizes Condells also makes spice racks that will accommodate various size containers. Look at our door mount spice racks.

If we do not have what your looking for, contact us. Use the e-mail link on the bottom of every page of the site.

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June 2007

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