Storing Spices

I think we have a very good article at Condells about storing spices. I don’t think there is any argument that the way you store your spices will affect their shelf life. On the other hand most people try to store spices in a way that make them easily accessible. I doubt any method you use will shorten the shelf life to less than 6 months, but that is just an opinion.

Based on my experience people tend to store their spices where they have a little extra space to store them. Sometimes that is in a cabinet drawer, or it may be setting them on a shelf in a wall cabinet. Unfortunately that requires cabinet space, and may make the spices hard to locate. Especially if you are using a cabinet shelf for storing spices.

Condells offers a variety of spice racks that will help you to organize your spices, and maximize your cabinet storage area as well.

Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack

If you store your spices on a cabinet shelf you should consider a Expandable Spice Shelf. This 3 tier shelf actually gives you 4 rows of organized storage. The expandable shelf has three tiers, and you have the cabinet shelf for the fourth row. Instead of all your spices setting at one level, they are now elevated so that you can easily see what you have. Condells offers these adjustable spice racks starting at $9.95. These expandable spice racks, or cabinet organizers fit cabinet sizes from 14″ to 24″ wide.

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June 2007

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