Herbs & Spices can be Benificial to Your Health

What did the human race due to find cures for ailments before the day of Drug companies? From the beginning of time man has looked to nature for cures when someone was sick. At some point in history, some of those who sought to find cures from nature were probably called “Witch Doctors”.

Depending on your age you may recall, or even use some home remedies for certain ailments. For instance I use Cloves when I have a tooth ache. There is something in cloves that helps to kill pain.

I’m sure all readers have heard of malaria, and the miracle cure for malaria was “Quinine”.

Where did Quinine come from? How was it discovered? Is Quinine a natural substance or a miracle drug that somehow researchers found and developed?

Quinine comes from the bark of a tree.

I think this article in Wikipedia gives a good overall summary about Quinine. I want to quote one section of the article since the writer did not deal with this in detail. I have found several resources that also mention this.

The Jesuit Brother Agostino Salumbrino (1561-1642), an apothecary by training and who lived in Lima, observed the Quechua using the quinine-containing bark of the cinchona tree for that purpose. While its effect in treating malaria (and hence malaria-induced shivering) was entirely unrelated to its effect in controlling shivering from cold, it was still the correct medicine for malaria. At the first opportunity, he sent a small quantity to Rome to test in treating malaria. In the years that followed, cinchona bark became one of the most valuable commodities shipped from Peru to Europe.

My Point being that the discovery of a miracle drug was ultimately the result of the observations of a Jesuit priest, about the use of a bark that the native people he was ministering to used for certain symptoms.

Unfortunately Drug companies do not want individuals to know that there may be some simple natural solution to some of their health problems. The FDA caters to the Drug companies because of the billions of dollars the Drug companies spend on lobbiest. At least that is my opinion.

Ever notice how much the Drug companies advertise? What amazes me is when they are advertising their miracle drug for one symptom there are 15 reasons why you might not want to use the drug.

Fortunately some University researches are getting back to the basics. They are recognizing that some natural remades such as Herbs and Spices may be beneficial to your health.

I intend write a lot more about this subject. For instance how researchers are looking at spices and herbs in relation to Cancer.

For the time being here is one of many resources for further reading if your interested.
Boost Your Health With Spices: (SOURCE: University of Michigan Health System, news release, Jan. 2, 2007).

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September 2007

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